It's 1951

Press the button to start time flowing. Then place an order. If things move too quick you can always stop time and have a think.



Click this button to buy shares.

The dollar amount tells you how much you need to have in your account to buy these shares.

If you don't have enough, this button will be disabled, in that case reduce the number of shares you want to buy.


Number of shares

This is the number of shares you want to buy or sell.

Be aware, the shares will be bought or sold at the next possible opportunity.

This will be normaly first thing the next day, and the price you get will be the market price the next morning, not the time you place the order.



Click this button to sell shares.

How can I sell somthing I don't have? Learn More

How can I sell something I don't have?

As a trader you are not buying or selling anything. When you press the sell button you are making promising to sell somthing at a later date. This is usuailly at the end of the month.

You can promise to sell somthing you dont have; so long as by the time it comes to make that sale, you balance it out with a promise to buy an equal amount of those shares from the market. This is called "Closing Your Position"

If the price has gone down you get the difference between the two prices.

if the price has gone up you have to pay the difference.

At the end of the month, any positions you have open get rolled over into the next contract for delivery at the end of the following month.



You've been given $5000 to start with. See if you can turn it into a million.

Each time you make a trade the market will charge you $2 commission.

Remember to press the start button in the top right corner to start time flowing, then place an order. If things move too quickly, you can always stop time and have a think.

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Trading Stops

The market now offers you trading stops, these automaticly close your position when you have made or lost a certain amount.

Using stops will improve your performance, as you only now have to concentrate on entering the market.

At this stage of your trading career, a good pair of stops are $200 profit and $100 loss.

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Up to now you have only been able to buy or sell shares to the value of your balance.

However the market thinks you are a reliable trader, so you will be able to buy shares up to 5 times the amount you have in your balance.

Your can now buy 1,000 shares instead of 200 with your balance of $5000.

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As 1951 is a long time ago, here are the news headlines each day, see if you can work out how these news stories might affect the share prices.

Don't forget to press "start" to get time running again.

Thats all the help for now